Agronic MR 1210 MultiBaler

The AGRONIC MR 1210 MultiBaler is the perfect MultiBaler suitable for agricultural or industrial applications where capacity is requested. The AGRONIC MR 1210 MultiBaler is suitable for the compaction of a wide variety (fiber) products such as corn, grass, TMR, alfalfa, pulp, wood chips, etc. Each day, new products are baled and wrapped with the MR 1210 MultiBaler at different places all over the world!

Forage compressed into bales with the AGRONIC MR 1210 MultiBaler have been scientifically proven to generate higher yields in milk and meat production than in comparison to the traditional use of silos.

The AGRONIC MR 1210 MultiBaler been developed based on knowledge and experience. Therefore we are able to deliver a high quality machine that meets customer requirements and wishes.
The AGRONIC MR 1210 MultiBaler produces a bale which has a size of 100 cm (width) x 100 to 120 cm (diameter variable). The bale weight, depending on the dry matter content of the product varies from 650 -- 1000 kg.

The AGRONIC MR 1210 MultiBaler has a capacity of 40-50 bales per hour. The machine can be used both stationary and mobile in the field, next to or in combination with a harvester. This saves a lot of logistics costs.

Also a number of additional options are available for AGRONIC MultiBalers that makeS the machine even more multifunctional!

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